Say hello to a fast, easy and washable removeable dog bed cover and say goodbye to washing a cumbersome, frustrating, zippered dog bed cover. Your BarkBed Cover quickly slips off your dog bed, washes beautifully, and easily slips back on. No more dirty dog beds. No more frustration. No more throwing out the bed and getting a new one.

Our Made in America BarkBed Covers are attractive, scratch-resistant, chew-resistant and lick-resistant. These removeable dog bed covers are made of a high quality, durable fabric, which will look great after 100 washes. Your dog will love them and so will you. They are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and sizes.

Our absorbent fleece fabrics are good for dogs who like to snuggle and for senior dogs who may have some, uh, “hygiene issues.” A washable, fleece BarkBed Cover will keep your expensive orthopedic dog bed cleaner a lot longer! And we just introduced waterproof dog bedprotectors to keep the results of doggy accidents from seeping into your expensivedog bed.

Our broadcloth BarkBed Cover is a little cooler and really tough for those younger, feisty, scratchers and chewers. Both fabrics wash fabulously well! Our motto: Fast. Easy. Washable says it all. We love beauty,but we are all about convenience, too.

Treat yourself to a fresh, attractive removeable dog bed cover. Your life will be much easier on laundry day and every day in between since your dog bed will be cleaner and fresher smelling. We all want to hear those magic words from new friends who come to our homes, “You would never know you have dogs. Your house doesn’t smell doggy.”

UPDATE: We now make custom BarkBed Covers to fit your dog bed more precisely and in a fabric that compliments your home decor. Treat yourself to a fresh, removeable dog bed cover that is much more stylish and cleaner than the one you have now. Take a moment to look at your dog bed and just imagine a fresh, clean dog bed slipcover made from a fabric of your choice. Call us. We LOVE making custom BarkBed Covers.

BarkBed Covers

  • Removable Dog Bed Cover on Small Dog Beds (16″ x 22″)

  • Removable Dog Bed Cover for Medium Dog Beds (24” by 36”)

  • Removable Dog Bed Cover for Large Dog Beds (36” by 42”) Costco Size